Darcey and Justin Here!

Met Online - Living Offline

What Started as a Joke Became a Journey...

What started as silly, dating site flirting quickly became the first step into our life together.   

We first spoke online in January 2015.  Darcey had already booked a trip to Europe for October of that year and I thought there was no chance it’d sound creepy to ask if I could stow away in her suitcase!  She’d never met me; what’s the worst that could happen?  Fast forward two weeks into February and that joke turned into reserving a ticket myself.  We had no idea if we’d even like each other at that point, but when someone calls my bluff, I stick to my guns!    

The rest, they say, is history…





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…On this Brilliant, Blue Marble We All Share

The gift of our travels have been to see what we had only read about, experience what we were only told about, and get a taste of what everyone else is about.

Like our ancestors, no smart travel is done without something to give you a direction.  What started with a Euro trip is now guided by a bucket list to see the 7 Wonders of the World (7 Wonder of the Modern World).  While every country has a history, culture, and sites we figured we’d start with the places so grand that you marvel at what we humans can accomplish.

We realize many may never venture the borders of their country and that is perfectly fine. Our hope with sharing this site is to give anyone reading a chance to see things how we saw them.  To have a chance to read and relate to what we thought and felt.  Perhaps spark your interest in a place you never knew existed. But most importantly, to feel the same sense of wonder and admiration we do for just how amazing our neighbors on this Earth really are!


Where to Next

The next big trip will be in 2022.  We’re headed to China!

In the meantime, we’ll try and visit a few more places here in the US to scratch the itch! 

Launch Day!

January 31, 2021 Today's the day we begin uploading our experiences and what we saw to the rest of the world. The essence of this site is to give a glimpse into what we saw, how we felt, and try to transport you to that location - just in case you never get the...